Ukraine: Counter-offensive has begun

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has confirmed that the country has begun its long-awaited counter-offensive.

Ukrainian troops have begun their advances in Zaporizhzhia and Bakhmut. This comes after the Nova Kakhovka dam was destroyed earlier this week, causing the evacuation of 3,000 Ukrainian civilians. BBC News reports that the flooding caused by the dam failure may hinder “Ukraine’s hope of advances in the region”.

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, confirmed in a video interview on Friday that Ukraine has begun their offensive, but stated that no advances had succeeded. However, Anton Gerashchenko, Ukrainian Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs, tweeted today that “Blahodatne village in Donetsk region was liberated by [the] Ukrainian Army”, accompanied by a video of soldiers placing a Ukrainian flag outside of a window.

There have also been reports of two drones crashing in Russia’s Kaluga Oblast, with one crashing 60 mi (100 km) from Moscow city centre in Strelkovka. The other drone crashed in Madynsky District, which lies about 80 mi (130 km) from Moscow. No casualties have been reported.





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