Piracy site Soap2day shuts down without notice

TV and film pirating website Soap2day shut down yesterday without notice.

In a short statement published to their website, the owners said:

Hello guys.

We have decided to close soap2day forever.

We are very sorry :)


Soap2day Team

Loyal users of the site have taken to social media to voice their devastation with the closing, with @kirawontmiss stating “WHAT DO YOU MEAN SOAP2DAY SHUT DOWN??” followed by a short video of a man with a gun to his head.

User @sapphcore also took to the platform, saying that “every sapphic that uses soap2day to watch their silly gay shows and movies just fell to their knees collectively”. The term “sapphic” refers to women who love women.

This is not the first major piracy site to be taken offline recently, with Z-Library being taken down by the United States FBI in 2022, but it has since come back up. Z-Library is a resource where many different books can be pirated, including university textbooks. Many low-income students rely on its services to attend classes on the same footing as their higher-income peers.

This shutdown also comes after RARBG, a prominent torrent site, closed down at the end of May, stating:

Hello guys, We would like to inform you that we have decided to shut down our site.
The past 2 years have been very difficult for us – some of the people in our team died due to covid complications, others still suffer the side effects of it – not being able to work at all.
Some are also fighting the war in Europe – ON BOTH SIDES.
Also, the power price increase in data centers in Europe hit us pretty hard.
Inflation makes our daily expenses impossible to bare. Therefore we can no longer run this site without massive expenses that we can no longer cover out of pocket. After an unanimous vote we’ve decided that we can no longer do it. 
We are sorry :(





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